Telefunken Sendersystem


NEU!! High-Power VHF/FM Senderserie

TRANSRADIO ist zurück bei VHF/FM Sendern großer Leistung (größer 1.25 kW) !

Die neu vorgestellte High-Power Senderserie bietet eine Ausgangsleistung von bis zu 20kW in einem 19“ Rack und zeichnet sich dank modernster LDMOS Technik durch einen sehr hohen Wirkungsgrad aus.

Die Hot-Swap fähige, modulare Bauweise reduziert die Wartungskosten und verbessert die Senderverfügbarkeit.

Für genauere Informationen finden Sie auf der Produktseite ein kompaktes Datenblatt zum Download oder kontaktieren Sie einen unserer Vertriebsingenieure.

TRANSRADIO und Ampegon modernisieren zwei weitere große MW Sender des öffentlichen Rundfunk Algeriens TDA

TRANSRADIO and Ampegon continue and develop their good business relations to Télédiffusion d’Algérie (TDA)

Renewing its confidence in TRANSRADIO’s technology and experience with complex AM/DRM turn-key projects, Télédiffusion d’Algérie (TDA), the national broadcaster of Algeria, again chose the cooperation of TRANSRADIO and Ampegon to upgrade and improve its AM broadcasting network with another two high-power MW transmitter systems.

Just a few month after getting the order for the 1500kW LW station in Tipaza, TRANSRADIO again was rewarded with the contract to renew existing AM equipment in Ouled Fayet (600 kW) and Bechar (400kW) in February 2014. The cooperation partner Ampegon will be responsible for the new antenna systems and dummy loads. Both companies look forward to prove again its ability to manage such outstanding projects.

It has been exactly at the site Ouled Fayet where TDA and TSB started their successful AM partnership in 2002 as TSB has put a small TRAM line transmitter into service. The high-quality and reliable technical concept of the TRAM line convinced TDA technicians and engineers so quickly that in the following years TDA asked TSB to deliver lots of AM stations for the whole country in nearly all power classes from 10 to 1.500kW.